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Greenyard Horticulture ISO14001 certified
Stefaan Vandaele new chairman of Growing Media Europe
Greenyard confirms the acquisition of Mykogen, a leading mushroom substrate group
Greenyard acquires leading mushroom substrate group
Greenyard develops sustainable fertilizers for cultivation substrates by the MicroNOD project.
MEP assistants joined field trip to composting and growing media production sites
Greenyard receives certificates for responsibly produced peat
Oliver Grunert obtains PhD
Greenyard – “for a healthier future”
Greenyard Horticulture signs Carrefour quality Charter
Peltracom NV changes to Greenyard Horticulture Belgium NV
European growers share experiences with Peltracom Grow Bags
Peltracom nv obtains ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate
Peltracom part of largest rooftop vegetable garden in Flanders
Greenyard Foods, Univeg & Peatinvest investigate to create global leader in fruit and vegetables
New in 2017! Agrofino wood pellets
Fruit & vegetables
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